How to Mix E85 with 91/93 Pump Fuel to achieve E30/E50 Mixtures

Tuned By Nishan explains how to test your local E85 stations fuel to determine the "actual" ethanol content so that you can make accurate calculations regarding how many gallons to mix with your 91/93 octane to achieve the desired mixture ratio (i.e. E30, E50, etc.). The spreadsheet calculator that I've made which is used in this video can be downloaded here: Ethanol Content Calculator Download Link

Spark Plug Gap & Why It Is Important To Set Properly Prior To Tuning Your Engine

Tuned By Nishan discusses why setting the proper spark plug gap is so important and that you should NEVER just open up a box of spark plugs and install them into your engine. You must make sure that the spark plug gap is set properly for your APPLICATION and Power Levels. ​

Why Some Mazdaspeed 3/6's Make Less Power Than Others

Tuned By Nishan discusses in detail why some Mazdaspeed 3/6 vehicles with near identical mods as another’s will produce less power while others produce more and how it isn't always the choice of "tuner" or the "tuner's abilities" that is the reason for the low power numbers as many in the community will put blame on for when their car or another's car doesn't produce power figures that match up to the typical norm for fully bolted MS3. It is very common to see comments being made about how another tuner was capable of making more power with the same mods when one MS3 owner’s vehicle makes less power than another’s encouraging them that their current tune is not up to par. There are many highly experienced Mazdaspeed Tuners out there who are very capable of providing excellent results, but results vary based on the condition of your vehicle’s components. If you own an MS3/MS6, take some time to watch this video which will educate you on how to analyze how well the OEM K04 turbo in your car is performing and how it directly affects how much power the engine produces. 

Ford EcoBoost Back-Pressure Testing

 2014 Focus ST with a Precision Turbo & Engine 5558 Gen 2 turbo making 622 Horsepower & 617 ft-lbs tuning with Tuned By Nishan using COBB Tuning's V3 AccessPort. We also took it a step further and measured the exhaust manifold pressure (E-MAP) in relation to intake manifold boost pressure (I-MAP) to show you how these two critical elements relate to each other on an EcoBoost engine. This is something that we do on a lot of our high HP in-house builds to ensure we are not crossing the limit of how much boost we can run safely. Take a few minutes to watch the video and see the details.

How to program an N2MB WOTBOX and why you need to cut ignition when running Aux. Fuel with Direct Injection

I frequently get asked by customers "What is an N2MB WOTBOX?", "Do I need one?", "What does it do?". If you're new to the Mazdaspeed world (or any Direct Injected platform) and looking to make big power, then you likely weren't around in 2013 and active on mazdaspeedforums when we discovered that cutting ignition was necessary to "no-lift-shift" and limit RPM when using Auxiliary Fuel systems as a solution for making high horsepower. Using Auxiliary Port Injection to make big power became very popular in 2012-2013 and I was very active with it on the tuning side of things. Here is a video I made explaining why we use it and if you already have one; how to properly program it!