High Performance EFI Tuning

1. How do I contact ‚ÄčTuned By Nishan? 

E-Mail is the BEST method of contact. Please send an e-mail to tunedbynishan@gmail.com. Nishan spends 90% of the work day (Mon-Fri) answering e-mails where he provides support for remote tune customers, dyno tune scheduling, and answering new customer inquiries/questions. Please allow up 2 WEEKS response time for NEW tune requests or questions to allow time for Nishan to review your e-mail in-depth and provide detailed feedback after he has addressed his current tune client's e-mails. In most cases response time for NEW tune inquiries is faster but please allow time for a detailed response to your inquiry. Your patience is greatly appreciated.

2. I would like to speak with you on the phone, why don't you have a phone number I can call?

Nishan spends 90% of the day providing remote tuning support for hundreds of remote tune customers, scheduling dyno tunes, responding to new customer inquiries, and dyno tuning itself. Being a well sought calibrator, there is simply no time to be on the phone and Tuned By Nishan is a one-man-show. This is why E-Mail is the best method of contact as e-mails can be answered and reviewed in the order as they are received with detailed feedback. I understand that e-mails aren't for everyone, but it is the best way  for Nishan to stay organized. Provide as much detailed information as possible in your e-mail to aid in the most detailed feedback and I will be happy to help.

~More FAQ's Coming Soon~