• For tuning inquiries, scheduling, and pricing please email: 


  • Response and wait times for tune inquiries vary based on Nishan's current dyno tuning & e-tuning schedule which is typically always quite busy. Please provide as much detailed information as possible in your e-mail to aid in the most detailed feedback and response.

  • Please allow up 2-3 WEEKS response time for NEW tune requests or questions to allow time for Nishan to review your e-mail in-depth and provide detailed feedback after he has addressed his current tune client's e-mails first who are currently in the tuning process. In most cases response time for NEW tune inquiries is faster but please allow time for a detailed response to your inquiry. Your patience is greatly appreciated!


  • Please do not contact Tuned by Nishan via Personal FaceBook Messenger, Instagram Direct message, or other personal social media outlets for tuning requests or questions. Private messages to personal social media accounts will not be read or answered and will not result in a quicker response.

  • Private messaging can be accessed on the Tuned By Nishan FaceBook page Here:  FaceBook Messenger

​ Operating Hours:
Monday - 11am to 7pm EST
Tuesday - 11am to 7pm EST
Wednesday - 11am to 7pm EST
Thursday - 11am to 7pm EST
Friday - 11am to 7pm EST
Saturday - CLOSED

(Except for Dyno Tune Appointments)

Sunday - CLOSED