Nishan has tuned hundreds of vehicles and commits countless hours to Research & Development, continuously supporting new platforms and advancing his overall knowledge to provide his customers with the highest quality tuning service. He is also certified as a High-Performance EFI Tuner through EFI University and has Bachelors of Science degrees in both Mechanical & Electrical Engineering. His reputation of skill, ability, and tuning knowledge are highly regarded across multiple vehicle platforms. Whether it's a max effort high horsepower race car, a daily driver, or something in between, Nishan is committed to building the appropriate calibration to meet his customer's goals and needs.

Tuned By Nishan is an EFI Calibrator offering engine management calibration services for multiple vehicle & engine platforms; utilizing OEM ECU's or standalone engine management systems. Starting in 2011, Nishan began his tuning journey making waves on the MAZDASPEED platform (known as ms3blackmica on tuning some of the most powerful Mazdaspeed 3 and Mazdaspeed 6 DISI MZR's to date.  Nishan later extended his skills and abilities across a wide range of engine & vehicle platforms specializing in tuning MAZDASPEED, Ford EcoBoost, Ford 5.0L Coyote, and GM LSX vehicles along with other engine platforms. 


Working with performance shops and professionals in the industry; he has been able to tune an abundance of high performance vehicles from 300 horsepower street cars to 1000+ horsepower race applications.