Cobb AccessPort - Mazdaspeed & Ford EcoBoost

Tuned By Nishan is a Certified Cobb Pro-Tuner specializing in Mazdaspeed & Ford EcoBoost platforms. Custom tuning your vehicle with a Cobb AP goes beyond what OTS (Off-The-Shelf) maps offer. Instead, the calibration is custom built to optimize the most horsepower & torque from your vehicle's modifications & setup with consistent performance and results. Tuned By Nishan has been utilizing Cobb Tuning's AccessTuner software for over 6 years. Whether your vehicle is equipped with off the shelf components or a completely custom setup & build, Nishan is capable of calibrating your vehicle to achieve your goals.

HP Tuners - GM, Ford, Dodge

Tuned By Nishan uses HP Tuners VCM Suite to professionally tune all makes/models from GM, Ford, and ​Dodge. Tuned By Nishan primarily specizlies in tuning the GM LSX & Ford 5.0L Coyote platforms. A list of all vehicles supported by HP Tuners tuning software can be found by clicking here

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ Dyno Tuning

  • Tuned By Nishan is the In-House Tuner at Speed Perf6rmanc3. In-House Dyno tuning is performed by appointment only and is only available to schedule on WEDNESDAYS, THURSDAYS FRIDAYS, and SATURDAYS. Please send a tuning appointment request via e-mail to Speed Perf6rmanc3to schedule to tune your vehicle on our 2WD DynoJet 224xLC Dynamometer in Linden, NJ. Do not e-mail Tuned By Nishan directly for dyno tune scheduling. As of January 1st, 2021 all dyno tune scheduling is handled through Speed Perf6rmanc3

  • *Effective January 1st, 2021: All Dyno Tuning appointments will require a mandatory $140 Pre-Tuning inspection to do a health-check on your vehicle (check engine compression, verify correct spark plug type & gap, check for potential boost leaks, general look-over of the entire vehicle and modifications, make sure aftermarket parts are installed correctly, etc.). This is done to ensure your vehicle and  it's setup are ready to handle a tuning session without issue. If there are issues with your vehicle that make it unsafe to dyno tune but can be remedied easily, we will bring it to your attention and take care of it. If there are issues with your vehicle that make it unsafe to dyno tune but can't be easily remedied without further labor and/or additional parts, we will give you to the option to take care of it yourself or schedule an appointment to have these issues taken care of after which we can tune the vehicle. If your vehicle is in absolute poor mechanical health (i.e. engine is hurt) then we will deny the service of dyno tuning and help you figure out what is the next best course of action that makes the most the sense for your and your goals.

Remote Tuning (E-Tuning)

  • Tuned By Nishan is no longer offering remote tuning support. If you would like to have your vehicle Tuned By Nishan, you must set up an in-house dyno tuning appointment.